Mykonos Holiday 3 ways: Part 2 – The Hostel

Note: This is the second part of three blogs, you can read the hotel post here. The last one, Villa, will be posted shortly.

Hostels are undeniably one of the cheapest forms of accommodation. The hostel in Paraga on Mykonos is no different. It is on the south of the island, lowest costing being 6 to a room, at only €25 per person per night. The hostel is next to Paraga beach, with a pool, it had a pretty free vibe, with mostly 20-25 year olds, all much fitter people than me.

I met my friends in the Mykonos town on the third day of the holiday. There are buses which run all over the island, about once an hour and there were no taxis. I had managed to get a lift with the hotel owner, and ended up walking around the town for an hour while I waited for my friends to take the bus. We learnt later (at our third accommodation) that there are taxi apps which work really well.

On the Friday however, we hadn’t worked out the transport yet so I wondered round the incredibly scenic town, called my dad and had an ice cream whilst waiting for my friends to arrive.

We met on the waterfront and grabbed some lunch, at one of the many cafes and restaurants which dot the shore, we were tempted by free wine. It was not good. The food was however alright, if a little tourist-y. We all had some wine and it was great to catch up with the people I hadn’t seen in several months.

After lunch, we headed up north of the beach to an apartment where my friend’s cousin’s were staying. We hung out for a while and heard that the best way to get around the islands were with the quad bikes you could hire from just up the road. This would undeniably make getting around the islands easier – particularly not having to wait for buses.

Between 6 people, we had 2 quadbikes and one motorbike for my friend who had a license. There is a lot to be said for the quadbikes, for one, they are a great way to get around the island, however they have less strong motors than say a regular motorbike so navigating some of the hills to the villas was a bit of a struggle.

The second night with the bikes, a few of us had dinner at Ornos as one of the group had his girlfriend arriving and he wanted some time alone. We had a right banquet sitting at a table on the sand with seafood, lamb, bread, and even desert. It was a delicious dinner, however the music the restaurant was playing, left more than a little to be desired. It was covers of soppy popular songs played badly, not good to say the least.

After dinner, my friend with the motorbike was staying with me due to lack of space in the hostel and as we rode up the hill in the dark, you could see the lights in the dark of the houses on the hills and the sea below – it was a truly beautiful sight.

He dropped me off and went out to a late night rave with another friend, bursting in at 6am, having semi-crashed his motorcycle and given our friend a full shin graze. I got up around 9, letting him sleep as that day we were moving to the Villa and the full-on party nights ahead in Super Paradise.

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