Mykonos Holiday 3 ways: Part 1 – The Hotel

Note: This is the first part of three blogs, the next one, The Hostel, will be posted shortly.

In July, my friends and I travelled to Mykonos for a few days to enjoy the beach, party scene and ultimately a bit of the Greek islands in general before travelling onto Athens. My experience of the Greek islands until then had only been of the trip I took to Samos with my family in 2006. Yes, that is a picture of me on a bike.


This was a new frontier for me. I arrived a day earlier than my friends and I’m going to be honest, I wanted to stay somewhere nice, as I’d been working until the evening I flew from London to Mykonos.

I booked a nice hotel, relatively central and coming in at around £150-£200 a night, it wasn’t cheap by any measure. I arrived at about 8pm on a Thursday night, it was hot and manic. It took about 40 minutes to get through passport control, no matter which passport you held.

Once I got out of the airport, the next task was to get a taxi; the queue was about 100m long, it extended onto the road and an enthusiastic Greek traffic warden kept pushing people up onto the pavement. For some reason there were just no taxis on the island, this would be a prevalent theme through the trip.

I eventually got in a taxi, with another girl from my London flight in fact I got to skip a bit of the queue due to a 2 person minimum in the taxi rule. I was on the way. The taxi driver immediately knew my hotel, thankfully and the other girl in the taxi was super friendly and recommended some cool places to check out.

I arrived at the hotel around 10pm – it was pretty stunning, all white buildings, set on a hill overlooking the ocean but high enough to get a breeze. The hotel owner was incredibly friendly, I’d already paid, and she processed my card for any extra charges and I was set.

My room was a little offset from the main building. It was simple room but large, had a little kitchen, good bathroom and Wi-Fi more than fast enough for me to watch a movie. Although it was night, there were a few people hanging out by the lit pool, just chatting.

It was late, so I pretty much just had a shower, watch a little Netflix and went straight to bed. The next day my friends were arriving but not until late. The hotel provided breakfast, so I ate and spent my morning reading and sitting outside my room, having a coffee or two. By lunchtime, I was getting a little hungry, but there was a neat restaurant across the street, so I headed across for a lunch of octopus, olives and crusty bread. The octopus was done in a balsamic glaze, it was delicious.

The day passed quickly, with absolutely nothing I had to do, and no pressure to explore the isand before my friends arrived, it was the ideal part of the holiday for me. These moments of travelling alone can truly be enjoyed, I spent the day sitting in the sun, reading my book, having lunch. For dinner, I returned to the same restaurant for some lamb on the bone and a beer.

Some people might think, I was not taking full advantage of my time in the place but this is only part one of three, it does get more adventurous.

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