Mykonos Holiday 3 ways: Part 3 – The Villa

Note: This is the third and final part of three blogs, you can read Part 1 – The Hotel and Part 2 – The Hostel. Names have been changed for reasons. I’ll start this blog off by saying that the villa we were staying in, while stunning and amazing was in the most difficult place…

Mykonos Holiday 3 ways: Part 2 – The Hostel

Note: This is the second part of three blogs, you can read the hotel post here. The last one, Villa, will be posted shortly. Hostels are undeniably one of the cheapest forms of accommodation. The hostel in Paraga on Mykonos is no different. It is on the south of the island, lowest costing being 6…

Mykonos Holiday 3 ways: Part 1 – The Hotel

Note: This is the first part of three blogs, the next one, The Hostel, will be posted shortly. In July, my friends and I travelled to Mykonos for a few days to enjoy the beach, party scene and ultimately a bit of the Greek islands in general before travelling onto Athens. My experience of the…

A Day Trip to Portsmouth

Before I say anything, my first recommendation is wear sunscreen. Lucky as I am, I happened to visit on a day where there wasn’t a singly cloud in the sky. This was excellent, except for the fact that I didn’t own sunscreen.

Behind closed minds

For as long as I can remember, my mother has suffered with depression, however for her, it’s a part of her life.